Thursday, 20 October 2011

Store N Forward - Listen To Life - (Original Mix) (Afterglow Records)

Store N Forward – Listen To Life (Original Mix) (Afterglow Records)

I have always loved the progressive trance sound, even from the mid 90s… In-fact from when I first heard Digweeds Equator Mix of “A Prayer To The Music” by Marco Polo! That was a tune I spent many nights listening to at home when I was all but 12 years old!
Listen to life is one of those records that I can see myself still listening to in years to come aswell!

Store N Forward have always impressed me with their ever changing styles and manipulation of Trance music.  This track has everything I would want to start a set off.
The slowly creeping in Bass, the constant changing Percussion, and the cut up vocals all make this track come together for me.
The vocals on this track are beautifully sung, and take this track to the next level, I also adore the acoustic version, which I have also added below. I really like Trance tracks that also have Acoustic versions, to me both versions always have a different depth and quality about them.


I have always been a fan of this type of sound in trance, Mellow, Progressive yet up there. Love it, love it, love it….

One for my iPod (If I Had One)

Buy NOW on Beatport out on Afterglow Records

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ernesto vs Bastian ft Susana - Dark Side Of The Moon (2011 Mixes) (High Contrast Recordings)

Ernesto Vs Bastian FT Susana – Dark Side Of The Moon (2011 Mixes) (High Contrast Recordings)

I have not heard track like this since I was standing on the dance floor at Gatecrasher about 6 years ago (I can’t remember an exact date, and for one reason… It was such a good night). Remix duties by Arnej, Binary Finary, Marc Simz & Tenishia.

My favorite mix is Binary Finary’s! Combining their usual top production and surprises combined with a HUGE Dubsteb break down in the middle, this would be a moment for me in any night!
It’s so nice to hear such a cross over of two genres done so well. The flow of this track is fantastic with sweeping effects and changing percussion as it draws closer to the break. A nice electro sounding bass line that really draws you further into the record is beautifully done with care not to take over the record.
Its really nice to see artists such as Binary Finary still around, and still producing such great music.

My second favourite would be the Marc Simz remix. More on a full on trance tip, this is going to be great to drop in around mid set. A nice funky bass that lifts the record up throughout, And sweet pads and whooshes that flow this remix on nicely.
An added little guitar riff in the break makes this for me. The production on this remix is awesome and will keep the crowd interested and definitely has that “hands up moment” in the break.


Bit disappointed in the Arnej remix and feel he has done alot better with his other productions and I usually get right into them, but I personally just don’t really feel it! The mix that stands out for me is “Binary Finary’s Monster Remix” followed by Marc Simz as a very close second!

Pick this “Monster” up…

Out 24th October 2011 on High Contrast Recordings

Dark Side Of The Moon (The remixes 2011) by Ernesto vs Bastian on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

Binary Finary's Monster Remix

Marc Simz Remix

Monday, 10 October 2011

Front - Causing Desire 2011 (Damian Wasse Remix) (Trance Industry Records)

Front – Causing Desire (Trance Industry Records)

Causing Desire by Front is a track that really gets my feet moving and body shaking, Not only do we get the massive Original Mix but 4 more great remixes with it. My favorite being The Damian Wasse Remix!

The Damian Wasse remix is something a bit more edgy compared to the other mixes! Its got an electro bass that’s to kill for (and I’m sure it will do exactly that on the dance floor), as well as nice shuffely hats and kicking beats. I will definitely  be playing this beauty around peak time! 

Some nice pad’s and piano take you into the main break that progresses up to a crescendo of strings and euphoria, then it throws you into the heart of the track with no remorse! I love the sounds this guy has used, especially the lead synth and the bass. I really cant comment on this guys production of this record, to me its pretty faultless and It is going to stand its ground agains the big boys, but looking at his previous productions thats no surprise.

Other mixes by:         George Kamelon
                                  Vlad Seven


The original mix is a lovely progressive piece but my heart has really fallen for the Damian Wesse remix! I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this at Trance Energy or Gatecrasher in the near future. My only comment is I wish the original was a little more hands up then it is…

Out 30th October 2011

Causing Desire 2011 by Front on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

Friday, 7 October 2011

Jawher B - Sex Au Phone (Original mix) [Milk Records]

Sex Au Phone - Jawher B is a track that’s certainly not one to be
messed with! It’s definitely one for my record box and wouldn't feel out of place in dj's such as Markus Schulz or Armin’s either.

The structure of the track is certainly DJ friendly with a great drop of the bass around a minuet that should get any trance-loving crowd pumping (I know exactly how to drop this baby). Slowly building up further towards the break then dropping into what I can only call Genius! The rest of the track is taken over by a kicking percussion, bass and one heavy synth that just makes the whole track come together.

The production is also great, with all the different sounds and layers clearly heard and no mess muddying up the track. On top of the main body, small amounts of ambience and effects just done to perfection in the right places but not over done which is very important.


This techy, uplifting track has unique ambience in the break and clean searing synth’s in the main body! The baseline rolls around the other instruments seamlessly and the structure of the record is perfect with many twists and turns.

I can imagine hearing this at Ministry or Space without a shadow of a doubt.

One to buy when it comes out!

5 Stars and a big thumbs up from me!

Out 22nd November 2011 on Juno Download

Sex Au Phone by Jawher B on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download